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For query call us at 408-722-7571

Kids Playing Soccer

Starting Sep 9th
Born: Aug 2018-2010 born

Games played on Saturday PM
Each Sat has 2 games
6 Sa
turdays, 12 Games

Zelle: 408-722-7571


12 Games + 1 custom Imported Jersey = $350

0 Games + 1 Custom Imported Jersey - $100 

Location: Garden Gate Elementary, Cupertino

Saturdays: Between 2 PM to 7 PM


Game Days for kids Born 2010-Aug 2018:

4 games in Sep (9 and 16)

4 games in Oct (Dates TBD)

4 games in Nov (Dates TBD)

Expected Category/Tentative Time

2017/18 Micro (4:15-5:45 PM)

2016/17 Mini ( 4:15-5:30 PM)

2014/15/16 Masters (2:30 to 4 PM)

2013/14 Blasters (2:30 to 4 PM)

2010/11/12/13 9Plus (1 PM-2:30 PM)

BISV Jersey.png
  • My kid just started soccer. Can she/he play a game?
    To Yes. Almost 80% of our players are new to playing soccer. The team will be formed based on skill and all efforts will be made to make it competitive
  • How is it different than scrimmage during training?
    Soccer game rules will be followed and will be refereed. This is close to the real game, with goals, lines, officiating, and jersey
  • How many teams will be there?
    Difficult question as it depends on participation. We expect 4 teams in each of the 3 age categories (2015/16, 2013/14, 2010/11/12). After the registration deadline, we will form the team and you can see your team roster and your teammates.
  • How many players are in each team?
    Aim is to get as many soccer touches as possible for each kid. 2015/16: 3 Players (Roster of 5) 2013/14: 4 Players (Roster of 6) 2010/11/12: 5 Players (Roster of 8)
  • Can I be on the same team as my best friend?
    Big Yes. This is what we like to see. You just need to make request

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