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Dont Rush into Competitive League
Take a smooth Landing with our
Pre-Competitive  Accelaration Package
For Kids Born 2013/14/15/16
Questions? Call  at 408-722-7571 


Training + Games

Comp League can be brutal for small kids and parents. Aquire skills, and confidence before jumping in Competitive

Outdoor Football Training


  • 1 season of soccer experience needed 

  • If no experience then we do tryout to determine

What is the commitment:

  • 1 training per week with a Competitive level coach for the season

  • 8 Saturday afternoons over the period of 18 weeks for 16 games

How does it work?​​

  • 1 Fill out the Tryout/Interest form below or register (by invitation)

  • We will invite you for a tryout based on experience and age

  • If qualified, you will be asked to register for the classes


  • From $800

Current Teams/Location​​

  • Girls

    • 2015/16//17 Born: Sunday 4-5:30 Cupertino/West San Jose Area

    • 2013/14:  Born Friday 5 - 6:30 Cupertino

    • 2015/16/17 Born: Thursday: 4:30 to 5:45 PM -Fremont

  • Boys:​

    • 2015/16B: Sunday 4-5:30 Cupertino/West San Jose Area

    • 2015/16/17B, Thursday 5:45 - 7PM - Fremont

    • 2013/14B: Wednesday 4:30-6 PM Santa Clara

    • 2011/12B: Wednesday 6-7:30 PM Santa Clara - Please call for this group

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