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Summer Offer for those traveling

Many of you have plans to travel during summer (June 2024 to Aug 2024) and you may be debating your soccer plan for summer. KidsFanbase is providing a special offer to the players who are already enrolled in our program:

If you are traveling for a "minimum 2  consecutive weeks" and upto "5 consecutive weeks", then KidsFanbase may be able to provide the option of giving you KFB credit or refund as below

Example: If you miss

1 week:  (No credit or refund)

2 weeks: ( KFB credit of 30)

3 weeks: (KFB credit of 60)

4 weeks: (KFB credit of 90 )

5 weeks: (KFB credit of 115)


You have to show proof of travel and that travel did happen and was not just a plan which didnt happen. This KFB credit cant be exchanged for refund.


This is a good option for those who are committed to long-term with us. Please contact us at

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