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Kids Playing Soccer


Starting Aug 17th, 2024
Ages: 5 and Above

Games played on alternate Saturday PM
Each Sat has 2 games.
1 Game Package = 4 games on 2 Sat
1 Game package every month

**Can't transfer games from 1 package to another


1 Game Package (4 Games) = $110

2 Game Package (8 Games) = $220

3 Game Package (12 Games) = $330

4 Game Package (16 Games) = $440

Location for April, May: 

Vista Montana Park, San Jose

Garden Gate Elementary, Cupertino

Saturdays: Between 3 PM to 7 PM


Game for kids Born 2010 - June 2019:

Aug 2024 Schedule (Tentative)

Aug 17 and Aug 24th

2017- June 2019 Nano (3 PM- 5 PM)

2017/18 MicroBronze (5 PM- 7 PM)

2016/17 Mini2 ( 5 PM- 7 PM)

2016/17 Master (5 PM- 7 PM)

2014/15 Blasters ( 3 PM -5 PM)

2011/12/13 10Plus ( 3 PM - 5 PM)

Sep 2024 Schedule (Tentative)

Sep 7 and Sep 21

2017/18 MicroBronze (4 PM- 7 PM)

2016/17 Mini2 ( 4 PM- 7 PM)

2016/17 Master (4 PM- 7 PM)

Sep 14 and Sep 28

2017- June 2019 Nano (4 PM- 7 PM)

2014/15 Blasters ( 4 PM -7 PM)

2011/12/13 10Plus ( 4 PM - 7 PM)

  • My kid just started soccer. Can she/he play a game?
    Yes. Majority of our players are new to playing soccer. The team will be formed based on skill and all efforts will be made to make it competitive. All effort will be made for the beginner level players to play against other beginner level player and experienced players against experienced. You have to fill skill level during one of the registration steps.
  • Are we required to play tournaments?
    It is not a requirement, but every kid is looking forward to play with their friends from their school against teams from the other school. We highly encourage the participation in tournament games. All attempts will be made to balance the teams to avoid one sided game.
  • How is it different than scrimmage during training?
    Soccer game rules will be followed and will be refereed. This is close to the real game, with goals, lines, officiating, and jersey. Game is played at the state of the Art facility with artifical turf in Santa Clara
  • Can I be on the same team as my best friend?
    Big Yes. This is what we like to see. Since we are doing based in grade so this is automatic. However, you just need to make request for any exceptions, and we can consider it
  • How many teams will be there?
    Difficult question as it depends on participation. We expect 4 teams in each age group division. If there are extra players then we further bracket them based on skill level. which means 2 team from each age group for each school
  • How many players are in each team?
    We prefer smaller team size so that every player gets play time KG/1st Grade: 5 Players (Roster of 7) 2nd to 3rd Grade: 7 Players (Roster of 10) 3rd to 5th Grade: 7 Players (Roster of 10)
  • What is the refund policy for the tournament?
    Games are a team event so any time someone cancel the registration, it forces their team to play with less players. It also makes opponents to play against a team with a smaller number of players creating imbalance. We have no refund policy once you register for the games. No exceptions. However, we understand that player may be unavailable on certain day and in that case, you can email at to inform unavailability at least 2 days in advance. There is no refund even if the player is sick. You can always buy insurance during registration for this kind of scenario.

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